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I just received my new device. After reviewing the manual, I would like to know if the recorded video can be downloaded or saved?
Firstly, you can save the video if you want, but not by taking the card out and reading it or downloading it to your phone album. Because this camera is a hidden camera, we want to fully protect the privacy of our customers. So in case the camera is found when working, or the memory card is removed by others, they can not access your personal files by reading the memory card with a card reader, or by downloading the videos on computers, tablets, and other devices. If you want to save the recorded video, there are two ways here. 1. If you need to save the playback content of the video, you can first open the "screen recording mode" on your phone and then click "playback" in the APP, and you can save the video content you want. The video will be saved in your phone's photo album. 2. If you want to save the video that the camera is recording, you can click the ‘Record“ button in the APP.
The infrared light of the device affects the concealment?
first of all, infrared light is the basis for achieving night vision, so if you want to have night vision, infrared light is a must-have, but we use a high specification 940nm infrared light, which can not be seen with the human eye, please do not worry about that.
The camera switched to the night with a click sound, it was easy to find out that it was the camera.
this is because we use a dual-filter IR-CUT so that the image quality will be better. When you turn on automatic night vision, it will automatically switch filters when it senses a change in light, so there will be this quick sound. You can solve this problem by turning off the automatic night vision. I sent you a picture. Click it to turn off the automatic night vision (black is off). When you need it, manually turn it on again. This will prevent it from making a sound because of frequent automatic night vision switching.
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