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Can this record 24/7 and save videos on a micro sd card?
First, consider the product to ensure the endurance time, continuous recording of energy consumption is too high, will quickly run out of battery. Second, because the positioning of this product is the home scene, generally is the danger control in warning, so the demand for continuous recording is relatively small. Therefore, we did not set the function of constant video recording.
Do I need to connect the power cord and network cable when I use it?
Hello, our products can be used independently from the charging cable and network cable, low power consumption, after a full charge can standby for six months, continuous use can reach more than a week. You can connect to wifi to watch online, or you can insert a memory card to save the video.
Will this camera stand up on a table, or do I have to mount it to a wall?
Hi, our camera supports both standing and wall-mounted use. It can be placed independently on the desktop or mounted on the wall and outdoor etc., by bracket with good waterproof performance.
How to charge it? How long does it last after a full charge?
Hello, it comes with a built-in battery, you can charge it through the included charging cable or buy a solar panel to power it. After a full charge, depending on the frequency of use can be used from 1 week to 3 months (maximum standby time of six months).
What's the app?
Hi, it's "VicoHome".
Does this require a monthly fee to record?
Hello, our product does not require a monthly fee to record videos. You can watch the online video anytime from your cell phone without any charge.
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