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Can I remote control this camera with my phone?
Yes. You can switch on/off the camera, switch on/off the indicator, set the motion alarm, record the screen in real-time, capture the picture in real-time, and so on through the phone, which is very functional.
Can you watch live feed from anywhere?
Yes, connect to a good, stable WiFi and you can go anywhere at ease. Cathie from KINGDANS Customer Service
So I noticed last night when it was dark in my house that the blue/red lights flash, making it obvious to those who don't know it's a camera...any fix
Hi, you can turn off the indicator light through your mobile app.
Will this camera record with motion detection or is it continuously recording?
Hi, if you insert a memory card, it will continue to record. A 32GB memory card can continue to record for about 20 days. If you don’t insert a memory card, you can watch it online at any time. You can turn on the mobile alarm function. When any movement is detected, an alarm notification will be sent to your mobile phone. (You need to turn on the alarm notification function and APP notification permission)
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