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How dose it work?
Hello, you only need to install the antenna, then turn on the switch at the bottom, point it to any place you want to detect, it will start to work. It is recommended to use level five for daily use. There are two modes of sound and vibration, the stronger the signal, the louder the sound, the stronger the vibration.
How does this work? Does it really detect spy cameras?
It picks up RF and gives you a strength of signal so if it is Wi-Fi Bluetooth it will.
What kind of signals can it detect?
Hello, It has a powerful pro-level built-in chip and a signal enhancement antenna that can easily detect multiple signal sources. All devices that are sending, transmitting, or receiving digital or analog signal can be detected, including RF radio frequency signal detection. Mainly divided into three categories: 1. All hidden devices that can send and receive signals, such as hidden cameras, GPS trackers, bug devices and bug transmitters, etc. 2. All network equipment, such as routers, mobile phones, notebooks, IP telephone, etc. 3. All radio frequency signal tools, such as radio waves, airport/station signals, wireless bugs, etc. Reminder: This signal detector detects the source of the signal rather than the device itself. So, for example, it cannot detect a powered-off mobile phone.
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