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How to format the memory card before use, and how big a memory card to use?
Our device supports C10 and above micro sd cards, max 128GB, and purchased from official channels. Before inserting the memory card, we recommend you to format it (Support whatever Mac, Windows or Linux, format it as FAT32 for 32, 64G memory cards and exFAT for 128G cards), after formatting, insert the card into the camera card slot with the chip facing upwards.
Can I see in real time what is being recorded on my cell phone?
Hello, our hidden camera uses the memory card to record directly and cannot be connected to a mobile phone, because it has no WiFi function.
How should I watch the video?
After recording for a while, remove the magnetic cover, take out the memory card, and plug in the computer with the card reader included to watch the video. The video recorded is MP4 format, easy to read for all players.
Can I record without plug in?
No, it only works when plugged into a power supply. And it will keep working if you don't plug it out.
Does it work with an APP?
Hello, for the sake of customer information security and the convenience of operation, our hidden camera adopts the direct recording mode, no need to connect to an APP, and no need to connect to the network, just plug it into the power supply, it starts work.
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